Top Things To Do In Guttenberg On Your Vacation


Summer is the time for taking a trip to the farthest corners of the country to explore new destinations, cultures and various attractions.


If you are looking for a place tranquil yet full of things to satiate your traveling needs, then you can choose Guttenberg.

Family Vacation

The city is known for its charms and scenic beauty. Situated in the limestone bluffs, this place though is a tiny hamlet but still has everything for your family vacation.

Natural Beauty

This is the reason this place is one of the most famous destinations of northeast Iowa. Strategically located great river road and on the banks of Mississippi river offer breathtaking natural beauty and a host of recreational activities for the incomers. The people of Guttenberg are known for their cultural heritage, so you can find here museums, unique shops and art museums where you can pay a visit during your trip.

Top Quality Hotels

Apart from that to rest your mind and comfort your body, you can have best and top quality hotels scattered all over this city. For your recreation, you can indulge in various activities like golf, swimming, winery tour and so on. Though there are various things to do when you are in this beautiful city of Iowa, still you must not miss its star attractions which lure thousands of people every year to this hamlet.


Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge: this is one of the most beautiful places which are located in Guttenberg. This place is spreads across 970 Km2 and almost 420km long a wildlife and endangered fish refuge. Wabasha is in its north, and it is bored by rock, island Illinois in the south. This place has a wide variety of species of birds, animals and fishes. Not only it is popular for its fantastic collection of flora and fauna, but the breathtaking beauty of the upper Mississippi river also deserves a special mention.

Nelson Dewey State Park

another natural wonder of Guttenberg which is a must for your visit. Apart from the natural beauty of this 756-acre park, you can also get a chance to enjoy various adventure activities in here and amongst which camping and hiking are most popular. This park is known for its two-mile-long stretch for hiking g and more than 40 sites marked as camping grounds. The best part is that this place is very safe so you can go for camping with your family and children and enjoy a few days in the abode of nature.

Stonefield Historic Site: if you are a history buff then also this small city has something for you. The Stonefield is a historical site where you can go and relive the rich history of America.

Turkey River Mounds State Preserve: Another historical site for your increase your knowledge about the great American history. Situated near Millville in Iowa this place a place where 38 Native American mounds are located on a Paleozoic plateau in the vicinity of the confluence of Mississippi and Turkey rivers. Thus this is also an important archaeological site as well.

Muscle Strain Treatment

Massage + Cold Therapy

13 Muscle Strain Treatment you Need

Muscle strains can happen to everyone, at any time and any place. Having such condition seems inevitable already especially with the kind of lifestyle people are into these days. Muscle strain is characterized by the swelling and having that excruciating pain in the muscle. This is commonly experienced in the groin and the neck parts. Because of this, it is best that people get to educate themselves with some muscle train treatments to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Cold Therapy. When experiencing muscle strains, the fiber found in the tissues were damaged, which then lead to inflammation. However, the swelling can be minimized and even prevented with the application of the so-called cold therapy. This is the application of cold substance into the injured part. Ice and cold packs can be used in this therapy. Other than that, the injured person can also take cold water baths to eliminate further swelling.

Proper MassageCompression. Applying pressure on the injured part with the use of elastic bandage is also another way to prevent further swelling. The compression causes a pumping action that helps remove the excess fluid that has gotten into the infected part. This fluid causes the swelling of the muscles thus, it should be taken out from the injured muscle part. Compression allows the fresh flow of blood that is a big help in the healing of damaged tissues.

Massage. This is the muscle strain treatment that has to do with applying pressure and movement on the injured muscle. Massage helps loosen up the tightened muscles and then help blood flow freely. This helps remove the toxins and fluid off the damage part, and eventually lead to the healing of the said injured part.

Heat Therapy. The process of heat therapy is the same as that of the cold therapy. However, it makes use of hot pads, hot clothes, water bottles containing hot substances and hot baths. Heat can increase the flow of blood in the body which will help reduce the pain, swelling and eventually lead to healing.

Physical therapy. This treatment should be done with the help of a trained physical therapist. Such treatment is comprised with a series of routinely exercises that will promote muscle exercise. This will allow the muscles to move and get over the pain the patient has been into because of the injury. And such therapy will help get the old muscle flexibility of the patient. Upon strict repetitive session, recovery from muscle strain can be guaranteed.Muscle strain can bring in inconvenience to anybody. One can actually stay immobile for quite some time. But with the right treatment and determination from the patient, such condition can be treated in almost no time.A muscle strain happens when we burden the muscle with too much weight or use it excessively. The muscle fibers get injured and may form a knot, swell up or go into a spasm. It hurts and it may be very sore and sensitive. It is not a nice feeling at all, but it happens to everyone. Luckily, there are ways to improve your condition with these treatments.

Apply pressure. If you injured a muscle on your hand or leg, you may find helpful to put an elastic bandage on it. It can significantly reduce swelling and enable the blood flow to heal the injured tissue. Besides, the pressure on the muscle will slightly reduce the pain.

Ice pack. Placing an ice pack on the injured muscle can stop the swelling and reduce the damage if it is done right away after the injury. It is known as cold therapy.

Massage. Massage is by far the best way to help your muscles recover. Not only it feels nice, but the professional trained to do a massage knows how to treat a muscle strain, so the muscle can go back to its normal position. The increased blood flow after the massage brings the nutrients to the muscle so it can recover faster.

Hot pad. If you are comfortable with using ice packs, you can try with the hot pad since it can increase the flow of blood to your injured muscle and recover it faster. More blood means that the swelling gets decreased and the recovery process gets much shorter.

Physical therapy. If the injury is serious, then a serious treatment is necessary. Physical treatment consists of exercises that enable the patient to slowly start using the muscle until it becomes painless. Once you notice the absence of pain, you can be sure that you have fully recovered.

Apply oils to reduce inflammation. Oils are full of nutrients that can help the muscles to recover. Garlic oil can provide significant relief from inflammation. It can be applied by massage or on a pad.  You can also use a sesame oil or thyme oil compress – both can help the muscle to recover. Oils can also be used for a gentle massage. Just make sure not to apply too much pressure.

Lean protein. Nutrition is very important since muscles need nutrients to recover. Eating turkey, fish and chicken can help you significantly to speed up your recovery but are very tasty too. You may consider top muscle making brands like this stack mentioned here thas has been enjoying rave comments from diverse fitness and sports practitioners.

If your injury is not serious, these are the ways to speed up the recovery and feel less pain. It is always recommendable to see a doctor in order to check if there is any reason to be concerned. In most cases, the strain disappears in few days with no problems. Try to spare the muscle from further stress at least for a couple of days until it heals. Using it as usual may just get the injury worse.…

Workout to Strengthen Your Neck Muscle

Workout to Strengthen Your Neck Muscle

Working out is an essential part of your daily life as it helps keep the body fit and maintain a healthy weight. Most people tend to workout virtually every part of the body but there is one part most people disregard. how to thicken your neckThis is the neck. The neck is an essential part of the body that helps in moving your head through different range of motion from forward flexion, extension, lateral flexion to the rotation of the head that you do on a daily basis.

In fact, we rely on the neck to perform virtually every task that requires movement of the head. Though the neck has few muscles, they too need to be strengthened. So what is the best workout for strengthening the neck muscles? Here are some of the best workout for strengthening the neck:

Neck Extension

Neck extension is a form of exercise that allows you to move your head upward. For this workout, the trick is providing resistance against this motion. To perform this workout, place your hands behind your head. With your hands behind your head, move your head backward but resist this movement with your hands to allow your neck muscles to work harder than normal. Return to normal position and repeat the same process for as long as you can.

Neck Forward Flexion

This form of exercise helps in strengthening the neck muscles that allow you to bend your neck forward so that you can look down with ease. To perform neck forward flexion, put your head in a neutral position and place your hands on your forehead. Move your head forward but ensure that you provide resistance with your hands. Do so till your chin touches the chest then move back to the neutral position. Repeat this process as many times as possible and you will be able to strengthen your neck muscles.

neck strengthening exercises pdfNeck Lateral Flexion

Your neck is responsible for moving your head from side to side such that your ears can move towards your shoulders. Neck lateral flexion is therefore the best form of exercise that works out the muscles responsible for this motion.

To perform this workout, place your right hand on the head just above your right ear and slowly flex your head to the right while putting some resistance using your right hand till your ears land on your right shoulder. Repeat this process as many times as you can then switch sides.

Neck Rotation

Neck rotation is a form of workout that strengthen the neck muscles that allow you to turn on either side of your body. To perform neck rotation, place your right hand against your right cheek and turn your head to the right such that your chin moves over your right shoulder. Resist this motion using your hands so that your neck muscles contract forcefully than normal. Repeat this process as many times as possible and then switch to the left side.

There are several other workouts for neck muscles but the above-mentioned workouts for neck muscles are deemed the best and easiest workouts to perform as they require no special equipment. A strong neck is important for virtually every performance including sports. It is therefore essential that you work out your neck muscles to prevent stress on the cervical spine which often leads to neck pain. Try out these workout practices and be sure to strengthen your neck muscles.…

Cause and Treatment for Shoulder Pain

shoulder pain cancer liverThe shoulder is a complex part of the body made of several ligaments, tendons, muscles as well as a ball socket construction. If anything goes wrong with your shoulder, it causes a great pain and discomfort while at the same time hindering your ability to move freely. If you have experienced any type of shoulder injury in the past, then you definitely understand what I am talking about.

What Causes Shoulder Pains?

There are so many causes of shoulder pain ranging from damaged rotator cuff, inflamed tendons, and injury to other parts of the body such as the neck or arm among many others. In this article, I am going to highlight some of the most common causes of shoulder pain as well as the treatment for shoulder pain. Whether you are dealing with shoulder pain for the first time or trying to find relief of shoulder pain, this article will be of great importance to you. Now let us first look at the causes of shoulder pain.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder, also known as Adhesive Capsulitis is a common condition affecting the interior lining of the shoulder (capsule). This condition cause the capsule to become inflamed and tight, causing a lot of pain and loss of free movement in the shoulder.

Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder dislocation is another common cause of shoulder pain and is often caused by an injury or a fall. When an injury or a fall on the shoulders occur, the shoulder ball, also known as the humeral head slides out of the socket leading to tearing off of the soft tissues around the shoulder, hence the shoulder pain.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rotator cuff injuries, also known as tendinitis occurs when the muscles and tendons attached to the shoulder joints are injured or inflamed. Such a condition can take place during routine training or perhaps through a minor accident or fall. Injuries on the tendon results to pain on the shoulder that causes discomfort as well as hindering free movement.

Shoulder Fractures

Shoulder fracture account for nearly 5% of all cause of shoulder pain and is often caused by injuries on the bones around the shoulders such as the collarbone. Shoulder fractures are mainly caused by trauma, such as falling onto your shoulder, hence causing a lot of pain.

Other causes of shoulder pain that we cannot discus in this single article include shoulder instability, neck pain, biceps tendonitis, and shoulder arthritis among others.

Treatment of Shoulder Pain

Treatment options for shoulder pain differ depending on the extent of damage as well as diagnosis. Some of the treatment options include:


A doctor may recommend that you take a rest from doing any physical activity that requires straining of the shoulders. Resting allows the injured muscles and tendons on the shoulders to heal, hence relieving the pain.


Doctors can recommend medication such as taking pain killers to relieve shoulder pain especially when the cause of the pain is not severe. For cause such as dislocation, the shoulder ball can returned back into the socket to help relieve the pain.


For severe damages on the shoulder, a surgery may be recommended by doctors to rectify the damaged tissues, muscles, bones, or tendons that form part of the shoulders.
If you are experiencing any shoulder pain, contact your doctor so that he or she can evaluate your condition and administer the right treatment depending on the cause of the pain.…

Treatments For Muscular Stiffness

Did you ever get up in the morning feeling pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders? Many times, poor posture, physical exertion and daily activities leave us with a strong sensation of muscular pain that prevents us from carrying out our routine. If you suffer from this condition, we invite you to discover the main factors that cause this condition and the best treatments to solve it.muscle stiffness in back

What Is The Cause Of Muscle Stiffness?

  • To relax, muscles need magnesium, and to the contract they need calcium. When the levels of both minerals are unbalanced, the person can suffer muscle spasms and contractions.
  • Dehydration can also cause muscle stiffness. As active tissues, muscles require more water than any other organ in the body.
  • Sedentary is another culprit since muscle inactivity for prolonged periods of time can cause stiffness.
  • Stress is a factor associated with stiffness and muscle pain. When we are in a state of stress, our body tenses as part of a fight or flight reaction. Prolonged stress can aggravate the rigidity and body tension.
  • The last cause of muscle pain is also the most common: exercise. After a long period of inactivity, the muscles lose density, and they become more prone to small tears when exercising.

Treatments For Muscle Rigiditymuscle tightness in back

1- Exercise – Incorporating 30 minutes of physical activity into your daily routine can help you prevent episodes of muscle pain and stiffness. Exercise not only helps keep your muscles relaxed, but it is also an excellent way to improve your mental state.

2- Baking bath – If you incorporate 2 to 4 tablespoons of baking soda in the bathtub with hot water, you will have the guarantee of relieving muscle pain almost immediately. If you do not have sodium bicarbonate, you can replace it with ¾ cup of Epsom salt.

3- Supplements – To balance your calcium and magnesium levels, you can try to take supplements or make some changes in your diet.

4- Massage therapy – A good massage can do wonders with muscle tension. A professional masseuse can relieve tension in a single session, leaving you pain-free and much more relaxed. We recommend you consult a professional about the best options for your case.waking up with leg pain in the morning

5- Application of heat – The heat helps expand the tissues, increasing blood flow to the area. A hot shower also helps relieve tension and relax muscles. If you have a bag or compress of hot water, you can also apply it to the affected area.

6- Relax and meditate – If you reduce the mental stress you are also reducing body tension. For this reason, any type of activity that induces a state of relaxation is more than recommended for these cases.

7- Taking NSAIDs – Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, aspirin, or naproxen, are the best options for these cases. However, you should try not to exceed the recommended daily dose or use them for more than a few days.

8- Hydration – Keeping the body well hydrated and balanced electrolyte levels is essential for the health of the muscles. Men require about 3 liters of water per day, while women require 2.2 liters per day.

9- Stretching exercises – Stretching muscles when you get up in the morning or after spending several hours in the same position will help prevent muscle stiffness. This treatment will help you improve blood circulation and prepare the body for daily activities.

Tips To Have A Healthy Back

good posture exercisesMany people currently suffer from back pain. The causes range from a sedentary lifestyle to wrong postures. However, if we take care of our end, we can minimize the pain and discomfort to a great extent.

Our back supports our body and makes movement possible. It also helps to keep the center of gravity stable when we are at rest and even in motion. In addition to this, it protects the spinal cord by wrapping it in bone.

To support our body, the back must be reliable and flexible at the same time. The bones that compose it are very resistant and the muscles that make it very powerful. The flexibility obtains thanks to its 33 vertebrae separated and placed on top of each other. A system of muscles and ligaments supports these vertebrae. So that our back can maintain a stable center of gravity, the musculature must have a right tone.

Any injury or displacement of its components, however small, will cause us to feel pain or stiffness. In both minor injuries and more severe ailments, our ability to move and breathe can be affected.

It is essential, therefore, that we pay close attention to the care of our back and adopts healthy habits so that we keep it secure and without tensions or contractures.

If you put into practice the following suggestions, which you can practice every day, you will actively contribute to your back not giving you problems:

Watch your posture

Paying attention to your body posture is essential. Observe how your back is both when walking and when you are at rest. A correct position is critical so that no diseases or problems appear in the spine.

By having an appropriate posture we make it possible for the weight of our body to be appropriately distributed and, in this way, the discs and vertebrae will be kept in the correct position.

Maintaining proper body posture will significantly eliminate stress and back pain.

Exercise regularly

Exercising, the type that you like most is one of the best ways to strengthen and take care of your back health.

If you do not have any specific disease, the best for the back is swimming and long walks. The exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles do wonders because having these stronger muscles we load less on our end.

It is also essential that for the calcium we ingest to be fixed in the bones, we do aerobic exercise, even if it is mild. Likewise, vitamin D will help this calcium to assimilate. The outdoor activities, which involve sunbathing, will ensure the necessary doses of vitamin D.

It is also essential that our diet is based on high-quality whole-grain foods and proteins.

Stretchspine health exercises

If you work sitting and spend many hours in front of the computer it is necessary that, from time to time, you take small breaks to change posture and stretch.

In any activity that we do, the fact of being too long in the same position creates rigidities and pains in the back.

When we stretch, our muscles relax, and this will make our vertebrae more flexible. The practice of exercises that involve pulling such as yoga or Pilates is highly recommended, mainly to prevent future back pain.

Lead a quiet life

The stress that many people experience daily has very negative consequences for the health in general and, of course, also for the vertebral health.

When we feel, stress our muscles have to contract, and pains in the back, shoulders, and neck are persistent. If we are emotionally stressed, our nervous system will be affected and many imbalances may occur.

Try to incorporate into your life habits such as meditation that make you relativize the problems and observe them with greater perspective. In the same way, avoid putting your attention beyond what you are doing in each moment. To live to pay attention to the present moment causes that the stress abandons us and that our life becomes much more pacific.

Tips for Strengthening of Spinal Cord

4 Exercises for Strengthening of Spinal Cord

The spinal cord serves as the outline thrust of the human anatomy. It defines the height, the body stature and even the curve. But just like any other anatomy parts, the spinal cord is also susceptible to injuries and even health-related issues. These issues can be a source of pain, discomfort and even inconvenience when it comes to work. Thus, you should know how to take good care of your spinal cord to avoid the aforementioned conditions. With this thought, it is then advised that people should start thinking on ways on how to further strengthen their spinal cords. There are several exercises created to address spinal cord concerns and each can guarantee an effective result.

Alternative Squats. These squats are actually the common and primary squats that are recommended to people who just

back strengthening exercises gym

started working out. This squats makes no use of other materials, it is just the simple squatting that even kids could do it. Alternative squats will help you find your center, build your core and increase your leg strength. This will help strengthen your back and that includes your spinal cord. This exercise is also recommended to people who have back pains and have been into back injuries. In this exercise you need to sit at the edge either in a bed or a simple chair. Then you have to cross the arms above the chest with fingers on the shoulders. With the use of your legs, push yourself to the floor, squeeze together the buttocks, and get to your feet but keeping the back in straight line position. Then get back to the sitting position, then repeat with the other side.

spinal exercises back pain

Bridge Exercise. This exercise is created to strengthen your buttocks, hamstrings and back which will then include your spinal cord. This is characterized by lying on the floor on your back with your knees bent upward. Then you gently lift your hips upward while keeping your shoulders on the floor. You have to hold this position in at least 5 seconds and then return to the original position. Repeat ten times.

Abdominal Bracing. This exercise does not only benefit the spinal cord but the abdominal part as well. In this Workouts at home for abs exercise, you need to lie on the floor, face up and lift the knee just enough to meet the left hand. Hold this position for few seconds, release and back to resting position. Then repeat using the other side.

Hip Crossover Stretch. This exercise is good for those people experiencing lower back pains. This may be a simple stretch but it can do well to your Reformists muscle and spinal cord as well. In this type of stretch, you have to lie on the floor, face up the knees bent. Then reach your right ankle to your left knee. Then, pull the right knee to the left shoulder. For about 30 seconds, hold this position and then do the other side. If you feel the stretch on the buttocks and hips part that means you are doing it right.

All these exercises are created to be of help in improving spinal cord health. It guarantees result and improvement in almost no time especially if the routines are done in a very religious manner. These are also used during therapies for patients who have been badly injured physically.

Aquaponic System and the Different Types of Aquaponic Systems

aquaponic farming business planThe easiest definition of Aquaponics is the blending of aquaculture (fish rearing) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants) that rears fish as well as plants together in one enclosed system. Wastes from the fish offer a natural food supply for the plants, and the plants help in naturally filtering of the fish water.

The other participants in the system are microbes, commonly known as nitrifying bacteria. These bacteria help in converting ammonia from fish waste into nitrites, and later into nitrates for plants use. Solid waste is also converted into vermicompost that is also consumed by plants.

 In merging both hydroponic and aquaculture techniques, aquaponics capitalizes on their advantages and gets rid of the downsides of each.

Types of aquaponic system.

how does aquaponics workThere are three main types of aquaponic systems that are commonly used today. They include:

  • Media-based aquaponic system.
  • Deep water culture aquaponic system.
  • Nutrient Film Technique.

Let us now look at the different types of aquaponic systems listed above.

Media-based aquaponic system.

The media-based aquaponic system involves growing crops in inert growing media like extended clay-based pellets or shale.  The growing media offers both the organic purification (transformation of ammonia to nitrates) and physical purification (getting rid of solid wastes) in the same system. Media-based systems are ideal for home and hobby size techniques to help grow an array of crops. Most importantly, big fruiting crops do very well along with herbs, leafy greens, and other types of plants.

Deep water culture.

Deep water culture also known as raft based growing, makes use of a foam raft which is floated in a water channel filled with water rich in fish effluent and has been filtered to remove any solid wastes.  Plants are then put in holes inside the raft and the roots are left to hang freely inside the water. This technique is most suitable for planting salad greens as well as other quick growing, comparatively low-nutrient crops. It is usually most commonly utilized in bigger commercial-scale systems.

Nutrient film technique.

Nutrient Film Technique aquaponic systems work by streaming water rich in nutrients through narrow troughs, for instance, PVC pipes. Crops are then placed inside holes drilled in the pipes and the roots are left to dangle freely in the flowing water. As the water passes through the plant’s roots, it is filtered and pumped back into the fish tank. In this system, the plants benefit from nutrients supplied by the fish wastes while the fish benefit from filtered water freed from ammonia by the plants. This system works well for crops that require little support such as strawberries. This system is also perfect for saving space as it can be hang on ceilings above other planting areas.

How Rearing Tilapia Is Transforming Fish Farming And Growing Produce

fish farming tilapiaFish farming has been practiced around the world for over three thousand years. Over this time, a lot has changed that has seen the fish farming industry grow tremendously. Despite the availability of different types of fish grown, tilapia has been the most popular type of fish grown all over the world. Due to its ability to adapt to different types of water including salt water and fast growth within a small space, tilapia is preferred by most farmers.

Throughout the fish farming period, tilapia farmers encountered problems that made the production of fish difficult. After several years of trial and error, more advanced technologies were invented and tilapia rearing opened a big opportunity for fish farmers.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the ways tilapia rearing transformed fish farming and growing produce but before we get into that, let us first look into early fish farming.

Early Fish Farming.

According to research, the first fish farms were developed in China and were started by local fishermen. When these fishermen caught a lot of fish, they would keep some of the fish alive inside baskets submerged under the ground so that they could be used some other time. After several years of practicing this technique, the idea of keeping fish inside water-filled ponds came into being. Fish kept in ponds last for several months before dying as compared to when they were kept in baskets. These fishermen also noticed that the fish kept in ponds increased in size and even laid eggs to give rise to young farming pros and cons

This discovery became an eye-opener to the possibility of rearing fish outside their natural habit and the journey to pond aquaculture began. From China, this method spread to several Asian countries and today, pond farms can be found in virtually every part of the world, especially the developed countries.

How did tilapia farming transform fish farming and growing produce?

Like I said before, tilapia is the first and most popular fish species reared across the world alongside other types of fish such as catfish and mudfish among others. As a result of tilapia rearing, a lot has changed in the fish farming industry and here are some of the ways tilapia has help transform fish farming.

Development of technology.

Initially, tilapia and other fish were reared in fish ponds where they were left to grow on their own with little or no care at all. However, with the development of technology, people have come up with more advanced systems for rearing fish. One such system is the recirculating system where fish is grown in high-tech fish tanks resembling ponds. Water in these tanks is constantly purified and recycled to provide clean and healthy water for fish growth. As a result, fish production has doubled and the quality of fish produced is high.

Fish feed production.

At the beginning of fish farming, fish in the ponds depended on natural growing plants in the pond and warms or insects for food. This led to slow growth of fish that affected the market price. However, through the rearing of tilapia, discoveries on appropriate fish feed were made and people embarked on the journey of fish food production. With the new discovery of fish food, farmers were now able to feed their fish well and as a result, maximum growth of fish was achieved and the market price raised. The production of fish also grew as more fish could easily be fed.

Net pens and cages.

One thing about fish tank and pond farming is that they take space on land that would have otherwise been used for other purposes. The transformation of growing tilapia in net pen s and cages within their natural water bodies has seen several fish farmers adopt the system. Cages and net pens allow fish to feed on the naturally available food alongside human food supply and have little or no effect on the fish surrounding, resulting in the high-quality production of fish. The amount of fish produced has also increased due to the availability of space in the lakes, rivers, swamps, or any water bodies used to rear fish.

In conclusion, I can openly say that tilapia rearing is the eye-opener to modern fish farming that has seen the growth of fish farming as well as fish produce.

Natural beauty In Branch Book Park

Branch Brook Park mapWhen “spring blooms” on the East Coast, the nature of Newark dresses in its best outfit and proudly boasts the largest collection of cherry blossoms in the country: 5300 trees at their best. I felt very fortunate to be able to walk through the Branch Brook Park and enjoy these delicate flowers with the bright blue sky as a backdrop.
In addition to the cherry trees, the park offers numerous and entertaining activities. For example, and just to name a few, I saw an urban farm, a skating rink, a children’s garden, tennis and basketball courts, and a field for physical conditioning. I would have spent the whole day happy among the cherry trees, but I knew that this was just one part of all the charms that Newark could offer me.

Shopping Therapy at the Mills at Jersey Gardens

I always try to contain my craving to buy and give myself too many tastes when I’m on vacation, but to no avail, so I spent some time at The Mills at Jersey Gardens. With more than 200 branded stores in one place, along with tax-free clothing and shoes, you can imagine that I was loaded and with a big smile.

The flourishing cultural scene of Newark

flourishing cultural sceneDowntown Newark houses several independent art galleries. Do not deceive yourself with the modest facades, as the interior will stimulate your senses extraordinarily. That’s exactly what Gallery Aferro (Naturally Guttenberg) offers, with its labyrinth of studios, exhibitions, and artistic installations. I met artists, curators and art lovers, who share, expose their ideas and support the scene with the investment in local talent.
Another center for the arts is the renowned jazz radio station WBGO, which receives artists from all over the world. I was invited to the station and had the opportunity to take a tour, say hello to one of its emblematic hosts and witness a live broadcast of some of the best jazz players in the United States.
If you go to Newark, a visit to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center is a must. Its busy calendar of events includes presentations that cover almost all branches of art, from dance to theater, without lack of poetry and music.
As a history buff, I also really wanted to visit the Newark Museum (Newark Museum). I was amazed at the collections of contemporary and decorative art from the United States, Asia, and Africa. What I liked most was the Tibetan galleries, considered one of the best in the world.

Exciting events at Prudential Center

My trip to Newark coincided with the ice hockey season, so I enlisted to support the New Jersey Devils of the NHL at the Prudential Center. The bellows of the fans are heard from outside this impressive stadium, while inside there is an electrifying atmosphere. Sports enthusiasts will have a lot of action throughout the year, both on the ice and on the court. The Prudential Center is also the home of NCAA’s Seton Hall Men’s Basketball, and frequently, UFC, WWE, boxing and skateboard championships are held there. Music lovers are also not forgotten; they have a choice between legendary performers who come from all over the globe to shake the scene.

Fish Hatchery

Guttenberg Fish Hatchery

If you want to show your kids how the fishes are hatched then this can be the most suitable place for your itinerary. Established in 1930 by the department of natural resources this place is still working as the place for hatching endangered fishes found in this region of America. So you can experience here the hatching of trout fish available in the local rivers and different varieties of Mississippi river fishes. Visiting this place is really an awesome experience for your kids.guttenberg iowa hotels

  • Lockmaster’s House Heritage Museum: though this place is now used as a museum still it’s functioning to control the mighty Mississippi. This lock and dam system is first established in 1938 in order to control the river channel depth to 9 feet. Moreover, in this place, you can experience the history of this making lock and dam along with the rich history of the city of Guttenberg. So this place must be in your tour itinerary so that you can learn more about the history of this beautiful place.
  • Guttenberg art gallery: this is a one of kind art gallery and also known for showcasing different creations of local and celebrated artists. Not only the painting or sculpture you can also find here works for different artisans like pottery, glass works, jewellery and much more. So visiting this place will give you a brief idea about the art and culture of this place.
  • Brent Willow Studio & Gallery: this is a place for experiencing the amazing oil painting done by the famous local artist Rebecca Hennessey. The best part is you want you can have one from the collection for your home.
  • Rare Guttenberg Bible: if you wish to see the first bible which is printed by the Guttenberg, then you don’t have to go to Germany. Here in Iowa, you can see this. A facsimile of the original one is on display here in the local Guttenberg library for the visitors.