Massage + Cold Therapy

13 Muscle Strain Treatment you Need

Muscle strains can happen to everyone, at any time and any place. Having such condition seems inevitable already especially with the kind of lifestyle people are into these days. Muscle strain is characterized by the swelling and having that excruciating pain in the muscle. This is commonly experienced in the groin and the neck parts. Because of this, it is best that people get to educate themselves with some muscle train treatments to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Cold Therapy. When experiencing muscle strains, the fiber found in the tissues were damaged, which then lead to inflammation. However, the swelling can be minimized and even prevented with the application of the so-called cold therapy. This is the application of cold substance into the injured part. Ice and cold packs can be used in this therapy. Other than that, the injured person can also take cold water baths to eliminate further swelling.

Proper MassageCompression. Applying pressure on the injured part with the use of elastic bandage is also another way to prevent further swelling. The compression causes a pumping action that helps remove the excess fluid that has gotten into the infected part. This fluid causes the swelling of the muscles thus, it should be taken out from the injured muscle part. Compression allows the fresh flow of blood that is a big help in the healing of damaged tissues.

Massage. This is the muscle strain treatment that has to do with applying pressure and movement on the injured muscle. Massage helps loosen up the tightened muscles and then help blood flow freely. This helps remove the toxins and fluid off the damage part, and eventually lead to the healing of the said injured part.

Heat Therapy. The process of heat therapy is the same as that of the cold therapy. However, it makes use of hot pads, hot clothes, water bottles containing hot substances and hot baths. Heat can increase the flow of blood in the body which will help reduce the pain, swelling and eventually lead to healing.

Physical therapy. This treatment should be done with the help of a trained physical therapist. Such treatment is comprised with a series of routinely exercises that will promote muscle exercise. This will allow the muscles to move and get over the pain the patient has been into because of the injury. And such therapy will help get the old muscle flexibility of the patient. Upon strict repetitive session, recovery from muscle strain can be guaranteed.Muscle strain can bring in inconvenience to anybody. One can actually stay immobile for quite some time. But with the right treatment and determination from the patient, such condition can be treated in almost no time.A muscle strain happens when we burden the muscle with too much weight or use it excessively. The muscle fibers get injured and may form a knot, swell up or go into a spasm. It hurts and it may be very sore and sensitive. It is not a nice feeling at all, but it happens to everyone. Luckily, there are ways to improve your condition with these treatments.

Apply pressure. If you injured a muscle on your hand or leg, you may find helpful to put an elastic bandage on it. It can significantly reduce swelling and enable the blood flow to heal the injured tissue. Besides, the pressure on the muscle will slightly reduce the pain.

Ice pack. Placing an ice pack on the injured muscle can stop the swelling and reduce the damage if it is done right away after the injury. It is known as cold therapy.

Massage. Massage is by far the best way to help your muscles recover. Not only it feels nice, but the professional trained to do a massage knows how to treat a muscle strain, so the muscle can go back to its normal position. The increased blood flow after the massage brings the nutrients to the muscle so it can recover faster.

Hot pad. If you are comfortable with using ice packs, you can try with the hot pad since it can increase the flow of blood to your injured muscle and recover it faster. More blood means that the swelling gets decreased and the recovery process gets much shorter.

Physical therapy. If the injury is serious, then a serious treatment is necessary. Physical treatment consists of exercises that enable the patient to slowly start using the muscle until it becomes painless. Once you notice the absence of pain, you can be sure that you have fully recovered.

Apply oils to reduce inflammation. Oils are full of nutrients that can help the muscles to recover. Garlic oil can provide significant relief from inflammation. It can be applied by massage or on a pad.  You can also use a sesame oil or thyme oil compress – both can help the muscle to recover. Oils can also be used for a gentle massage. Just make sure not to apply too much pressure.

Lean protein. Nutrition is very important since muscles need nutrients to recover. Eating turkey, fish and chicken can help you significantly to speed up your recovery but are very tasty too. You may consider top muscle making brands like this stack mentioned here thas has been enjoying rave comments from diverse fitness and sports practitioners.

If your injury is not serious, these are the ways to speed up the recovery and feel less pain. It is always recommendable to see a doctor in order to check if there is any reason to be concerned. In most cases, the strain disappears in few days with no problems. Try to spare the muscle from further stress at least for a couple of days until it heals. Using it as usual may just get the injury worse.