Guttenberg Fish Hatchery

If you want to show your kids how the fishes are hatched then this can be the most suitable place for your itinerary. Established in 1930 by the department of natural resources this place is still working as the place for hatching endangered fishes found in this region of America. So you can experience here the hatching of trout fish available in the local rivers and different varieties of Mississippi river fishes. Visiting this place is really an awesome experience for your kids.guttenberg iowa hotels

  • Lockmaster’s House Heritage Museum: though this place is now used as a museum still it’s functioning to control the mighty Mississippi. This lock and dam system is first established in 1938 in order to control the river channel depth to 9 feet. Moreover, in this place, you can experience the history of this making lock and dam along with the rich history of the city of Guttenberg. So this place must be in your tour itinerary so that you can learn more about the history of this beautiful place.
  • Guttenberg art gallery: this is a one of kind art gallery and also known for showcasing different creations of local and celebrated artists. Not only the painting or sculpture you can also find here works for different artisans like pottery, glass works, jewellery and much more. So visiting this place will give you a brief idea about the art and culture of this place.
  • Brent Willow Studio & Gallery: this is a place for experiencing the amazing oil painting done by the famous local artist Rebecca Hennessey. The best part is you want you can have one from the collection for your home.
  • Rare Guttenberg Bible: if you wish to see the first bible which is printed by the Guttenberg, then you don’t have to go to Germany. Here in Iowa, you can see this. A facsimile of the original one is on display here in the local Guttenberg library for the visitors.