Branch Brook Park mapWhen “spring blooms” on the East Coast, the nature of Newark dresses in its best outfit and proudly boasts the largest collection of cherry blossoms in the country: 5300 trees at their best. I felt very fortunate to be able to walk through the Branch Brook Park and enjoy these delicate flowers with the bright blue sky as a backdrop.
In addition to the cherry trees, the park offers numerous and entertaining activities. For example, and just to name a few, I saw an urban farm, a skating rink, a children’s garden, tennis and basketball courts, and a field for physical conditioning. I would have spent the whole day happy among the cherry trees, but I knew that this was just one part of all the charms that Newark could offer me.

Shopping Therapy at the Mills at Jersey Gardens

I always try to contain my craving to buy and give myself too many tastes when I’m on vacation, but to no avail, so I spent some time at The Mills at Jersey Gardens. With more than 200 branded stores in one place, along with tax-free clothing and shoes, you can imagine that I was loaded and with a big smile.

The flourishing cultural scene of Newark

flourishing cultural sceneDowntown Newark houses several independent art galleries. Do not deceive yourself with the modest facades, as the interior will stimulate your senses extraordinarily. That’s exactly what Gallery Aferro (Naturally Guttenberg) offers, with its labyrinth of studios, exhibitions, and artistic installations. I met artists, curators and art lovers, who share, expose their ideas and support the scene with the investment in local talent.
Another center for the arts is the renowned jazz radio station WBGO, which receives artists from all over the world. I was invited to the station and had the opportunity to take a tour, say hello to one of its emblematic hosts and witness a live broadcast of some of the best jazz players in the United States.
If you go to Newark, a visit to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center is a must. Its busy calendar of events includes presentations that cover almost all branches of art, from dance to theater, without lack of poetry and music.
As a history buff, I also really wanted to visit the Newark Museum (Newark Museum). I was amazed at the collections of contemporary and decorative art from the United States, Asia, and Africa. What I liked most was the Tibetan galleries, considered one of the best in the world.

Exciting events at Prudential Center

My trip to Newark coincided with the ice hockey season, so I enlisted to support the New Jersey Devils of the NHL at the Prudential Center. The bellows of the fans are heard from outside this impressive stadium, while inside there is an electrifying atmosphere. Sports enthusiasts will have a lot of action throughout the year, both on the ice and on the court. The Prudential Center is also the home of NCAA’s Seton Hall Men’s Basketball, and frequently, UFC, WWE, boxing and skateboard championships are held there. Music lovers are also not forgotten; they have a choice between legendary performers who come from all over the globe to shake the scene.