Top Things To Do In Guttenberg On Your Vacation


Summer is the time for taking a trip to the farthest corners of the country to explore new destinations, cultures and various attractions.


If you are looking for a place tranquil yet full of things to satiate your traveling needs, then you can choose Guttenberg.

Family Vacation

The city is known for its charms and scenic beauty. Situated in the limestone bluffs, this place though is a tiny hamlet but still has everything for your family vacation.

Natural Beauty

This is the reason this place is one of the most famous destinations of northeast Iowa. Strategically located great river road and on the banks of Mississippi river offer breathtaking natural beauty and a host of recreational activities for the incomers. The people of Guttenberg are known for their cultural heritage, so you can find here museums, unique shops and art museums where you can pay a visit during your trip.

Top Quality Hotels

Apart from that to rest your mind and comfort your body, you can have best and top quality hotels scattered all over this city. For your recreation, you can indulge in various activities like golf, swimming, winery tour and so on. Though there are various things to do when you are in this beautiful city of Iowa, still you must not miss its star attractions which lure thousands of people every year to this hamlet.


Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge: this is one of the most beautiful places which are located in Guttenberg. This place is spreads across 970 Km2 and almost 420km long a wildlife and endangered fish refuge. Wabasha is in its north, and it is bored by rock, island Illinois in the south. This place has a wide variety of species of birds, animals and fishes. Not only it is popular for its fantastic collection of flora and fauna, but the breathtaking beauty of the upper Mississippi river also deserves a special mention.

Nelson Dewey State Park

another natural wonder of Guttenberg which is a must for your visit. Apart from the natural beauty of this 756-acre park, you can also get a chance to enjoy various adventure activities in here and amongst which camping and hiking are most popular. This park is known for its two-mile-long stretch for hiking g and more than 40 sites marked as camping grounds. The best part is that this place is very safe so you can go for camping with your family and children and enjoy a few days in the abode of nature.

Stonefield Historic Site: if you are a history buff then also this small city has something for you. The Stonefield is a historical site where you can go and relive the rich history of America.

Turkey River Mounds State Preserve: Another historical site for your increase your knowledge about the great American history. Situated near Millville in Iowa this place a place where 38 Native American mounds are located on a Paleozoic plateau in the vicinity of the confluence of Mississippi and Turkey rivers. Thus this is also an important archaeological site as well.

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