good posture exercisesMany people currently suffer from back pain. The causes range from a sedentary lifestyle to wrong postures. However, if we take care of our end, we can minimize the pain and discomfort to a great extent.

Our back supports our body and makes movement possible. It also helps to keep the center of gravity stable when we are at rest and even in motion. In addition to this, it protects the spinal cord by wrapping it in bone.

To support our body, the back must be reliable and flexible at the same time. The bones that compose it are very resistant and the muscles that make it very powerful. The flexibility obtains thanks to its 33 vertebrae separated and placed on top of each other. A system of muscles and ligaments supports these vertebrae. So that our back can maintain a stable center of gravity, the musculature must have a right tone.

Any injury or displacement of its components, however small, will cause us to feel pain or stiffness. In both minor injuries and more severe ailments, our ability to move and breathe can be affected.

It is essential, therefore, that we pay close attention to the care of our back and adopts healthy habits so that we keep it secure and without tensions or contractures.

If you put into practice the following suggestions, which you can practice every day, you will actively contribute to your back not giving you problems:

Watch your posture

Paying attention to your body posture is essential. Observe how your back is both when walking and when you are at rest. A correct position is critical so that no diseases or problems appear in the spine.

By having an appropriate posture we make it possible for the weight of our body to be appropriately distributed and, in this way, the discs and vertebrae will be kept in the correct position.

Maintaining proper body posture will significantly eliminate stress and back pain.

Exercise regularly

Exercising, the type that you like most is one of the best ways to strengthen and take care of your back health.

If you do not have any specific disease, the best for the back is swimming and long walks. The exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles do wonders because having these stronger muscles we load less on our end.

It is also essential that for the calcium we ingest to be fixed in the bones, we do aerobic exercise, even if it is mild. Likewise, vitamin D will help this calcium to assimilate. The outdoor activities, which involve sunbathing, will ensure the necessary doses of vitamin D.

It is also essential that our diet is based on high-quality whole-grain foods and proteins.

Stretchspine health exercises

If you work sitting and spend many hours in front of the computer it is necessary that, from time to time, you take small breaks to change posture and stretch.

In any activity that we do, the fact of being too long in the same position creates rigidities and pains in the back.

When we stretch, our muscles relax, and this will make our vertebrae more flexible. The practice of exercises that involve pulling such as yoga or Pilates is highly recommended, mainly to prevent future back pain.

Lead a quiet life

The stress that many people experience daily has very negative consequences for the health in general and, of course, also for the vertebral health.

When we feel, stress our muscles have to contract, and pains in the back, shoulders, and neck are persistent. If we are emotionally stressed, our nervous system will be affected and many imbalances may occur.

Try to incorporate into your life habits such as meditation that make you relativize the problems and observe them with greater perspective. In the same way, avoid putting your attention beyond what you are doing in each moment. To live to pay attention to the present moment causes that the stress abandons us and that our life becomes much more pacific.